If you would like to take a peruse through some impartial DMButtons reviews we have added some blog links below.

Unfortunately, in the world of cyber anonymity, we have repeated bouts of ‘trolling’ on Google Reviews we hope you’ll see from the abundance collated below that many of our customers circulate their positive experiences.

Word of mouth is far more powerful for artisan makers!



“It’s worth a trip to get to watch these amazing machines being used.” – SewAndrew

Carol Alayne

You may not notice of course, but DM Button’s work features on stage in just about every West End show there is, plus operas and feature films” – Carol Alayne

Simply Sewing Mag – 9 secret sewing shops in London you need to visit

Points of Interest – AirBnB

 “David, who runs the show, is a London fashion institution and has saved the day for many a fashion house with last-minute buttonholes and embroidery at London Fashion Week”. – Otis Betterbee, Designer & Local expert on AirBnB

We love DM Buttons in Wardour Mews off D’arblay st, always saving us from the nerve wracking business of potentially ruining a completed piece by making perfect buttonholes in the blink of an eye….magic! – Linda Brooker

L’Atelier Linda Brooker

Maison Salvadore

Retrospective Modernism

“Here you’ll find David Miller – a third generation button maker, craftsman and proper Londoner”. – Scott Fraser, Retrospective Modernism

The Good Wardrobe

“So was it a waste of money to pay someone else to do something I could DIY? No….” – Annabel Vita

Annabel Vita

The Soho Society

Living to work – Working to live

“The basement…, has a number of different button hole and riveting machines – some of them looking pretty antique as well – and it all felt a bit ‘Harry Potter’” – Hilary, Blogger, Living to Work – Working to live

“It was so cool seeing all the specialist equipment he has to finish garments. And the finished buttonholes look fabulous”. – The Crafty Crusader

The Crafty Crusader


Handmade Jane

“I’m never making my own buttonholes again!” – HandmadeJane