Press Studs

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons



We offer a press-studding service, where we supply and machine apply the studs, also known as snaps and poppers. There are three styles available:

  • standard metal press studs -one size, approximately 14mm, in a variety of finishes.
  • ring (prong) press studs – one size, approximately 10mm, and only suitable for lightweight fabrics (Limited stock – call us to check this service availability)
  • fabric covered press studs – one size, approximately 30L/19mm, we both cover and apply

At this time we are NOT able to apply custom  press studs, only our own components.

We can potentially offer a replacement/repair press-stud service using our own components, depending on the original stud and garment, an assessment of the garment/item will be needed to assess viability.  Please note that we cannot re-use studs and a match is unlikely. 

HIGH-RISK GARMENTS – we do not press-stud PVC/plastic finishes, lightweight fabrics, knit, netting, lace, unstabilised jersey or other stretch fabrics. We may not press-stud leather, pleather, wadded or brocade.

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons, eyelets
DMButtons – Press studs size guide

The finishes vary depending on our current stock. Please enquire directly or pop into the workrooms to see our current selection.


Bring your garments and/or fabric marked correctly. You need to mark a dot, with chalk or pencil, where the two parts will press together.


  • male component (the bottom/underneath part) = mark on the FACE SIDE (outside)
  • female component (the top/surface seen part) = mark on the WRONG SIDE (inside)
DMButtons_Services_pressstuds_ marking 1
DM Buttons – Press Stud marking

“Make sure the two dots meet, or your press studs may not be even”

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Press studs are priced per garment/ panel / pattern piece minimum charge, up to the quantity of 10 studs. More than 10 studs on the garment/ panel / pattern piece will be charged at a unit price per stud.

  • standard press stud – minimum charge per unit = £7.50 / 10+studs per unit = £0.50 per stud.  For example, a garment/panel with 12 press studs will be £6.00
  • ring (prong) press stud – minimum charge per unit = £7.50 / 10+studs per unit = £0.50 per stud.  For example, a garment/panel with 12 ring prong studs will be £6.00
  • fabric covered press stud (subject to fabric suitability) – from £0.80 per stud to fabric cover. Application – minimum charge per unit = £7.50 / 10+studs per unit = £0.50 per stud. For example, a garment/panel with 12 fabric covered will be £9.60 to cover plus £6.00 for application = £15.60
  • press-stud replacement – minimum charge per unit = £10.00


We do not provide or send out samples of our press studs. Sampling will be completed at the above unit rates. 

Fabric covered studs can only be applied by using the compatible machine and dye set.