Postal Buttonholes/Services

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  1. Please mark all buttonholes correctly, using the guide and order forms below. Check all details before sending anything to the workrooms.
  2. Let us know you are sending or would like to send an order. This can be via:
    • email – info @
    • the form below found HERE
    • Instagram – @ dmbuttons
    • text – 07990702046
  3. Post us your order, with full instructions (order form available on postal pages)
    • *note* that we only have a regular size letterbox. If you have a larger order get in touch to see if we can accommodate this.
    • postal address: DMButtons&Buttonholes, 11B Wardour Mews, Soho, London, W1F 8AN
  4. Once received we send an invoice for online bank transfer
  5. After payment has cleared and the order completed we can post the order back

 If there are no marks or incorrect we will not process the order, to be collected at your own expense. AT THIS TIME WE WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR YOU TO TRACK YOUR PACKAGE. We cannot be responsible if your package is lost in transit to us.

If you have difficulty getting into London our postal service for buttonholes might be helpful for you (and most likely cheaper than a train fare into London).

We have tried to make this as simple as possible, however, if you still need help, phone or email us directly for a quotation and more information. We also offer a postal service for covered buttons.



You send us your garment/plackets/panels and we post these back (postal charges subject to size and weight) or collection via prior arrangement. The process is as follows:

  1. You send the garments.
  2. We complete the buttonholes from your instructions
  3. We send you an invoice
  4. You pay the invoice via bank transfer
  5. Once payment has cleared we send your garments back or inform you of collection.


All garments/plackets/fabric will need to be marked correctly along with clearly written instructions, the easiest way is to print out and fill in our Buttonhole Order Form

HIGH-RISK GARMENTS – we do not buttonhole leather, pleather, piped lace, wadded, brocade, netting and sheer, knit, pleather nor PVC/plastic finishes. We may not buttonhole lightweight, unstabilised jersey or other stretch fabrics.

Postal Buttonhole Checklist

  1. garment marked correctly – see Buttonhole Page for instructions
  2. send a swatch of fabric for testing – approximate size A5
  3. fuse thin or stretchy fabrics (organza, lightweight silks, leather/PU, PVC, jersey and knitted are unlikely to be suitable for buttonholes)
  4. loosely tack facings around the buttonholes to avoid facing slippage.
  5. attach a button(s) or enclosed for buttonhole sizing
  6. if sending threads to check they are the correct weight – see Buttonhole Page for instructions

If you haven’t marked the garments correctly or stabilized the fabric appropriately we will not complete your order. You may be asked to come into the workrooms to re-mark or we will send your order back incomplete and charged for postal.

We recommend sending orders packaged appropriately for fabric and garments – we cannot be responsible for damaged packages/fabric. We do not advise sending garments via post unless you have insured them with the correct postage and packaging.


Our Buttonhole postal service is charged for the Buttonholes + Postage.

Buttonholes are priced per garment/ panel / pattern piece minimum charge, up to the quantity of 10 buttonholes. More than 10 buttonholes on the garment/ panel / pattern piece will be charged at a unit price per buttonhole.

  • straight buttonholes – minimum charge per unit = £4.50 / 10+ holes per unit = £0.50 per hole. For example, a garment/panel with 13 straight buttonholes will be £6.00
  • keyhole fishtail – minimum charge per unit = £5.00 / 10+ holes per unit = £0.50 per hole. For example, a garment/panel with 12 fishtail buttonholes will be £6.0
  • keyhole bartack – minimum charge per unit = £6.00 / 10+ holes per unit = £0.50 per hole. For example, a garment/panel with 12 bartack buttonholes will be £7.00
  • lapel hole – minimum charge per unit = £6.00 / 10+ holes per unit = £0.50 per hole. For example, a garment/panel with 12 lapel style buttonholes will be £7.00

Tailored gents suit jackets are charged at the keyhole rates, this will include a lapel hole.

Postage is priced by weight category

  • one garment up to 1kg – minimum charge per = £12.50. Additional items +£1 per item
  • one garment up to 2kg – minimum charge per = £16.50. Additional items +£1 per item
  • over 2kg – POA


Once we receive your order we will email you an invoice to be paid via bank transfer. Payment for postal orders can be made via:

  • online bank transfer – invoices will be emailed once the order has been processed (include your email address with the order instructions)
  • phone payment for orders over £20
  • cheque – we no longer be accepting cheques.

Postal charges for garments will be invoiced, subject costs based on weight and size.


The turnaround time will depend on when we receive the delivery and how busy we are at that time. We will try our best to process orders as soon as possible. We will post your order once buttonholes are completed and payment has been cleared.

For our postal buttonhole services, we would recommend allowing at least a week, from the day we receive them, to returning your completed order returning the items.


Our postal procedures use the local Post Office, special delivery for under 1kg and Parcel Force for over 1kg. Costs are priced based on size, weight and package content.

We cannot take responsibility for customers sending packages inappropriately packed or via untracked postage.

We do not accept self-address enveloped for return postage.

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