buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons

We offer an eyelet application service in a range of sizes and finishes including:

  • metal eyelets – variety of sizes and finishes.
  • stitched eyelets – one size, approximately 3mm internal diameter. Although this measurement may be affected by the fabric used.

We can potentially apply your own eyelets if you have the compatible machine dye-set. We cannot apply your eyelets using our machine parts.

We also offer a replacement eyelet service, depending on the fabric and existing hole. Bring the garment/item into our workrooms for us to assess the item. Please note that we cannot re-use eyelets.

Eyelets are not suitable for stretch fabrics, and some plastic non-wovens

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons
DMButtons – Eyelet size guide

The finishes vary depending on our current stock. Please enquire directly or pop into the workrooms to see our current selection.

Stitched eyelets are available in one size. If you need a specific colour, you will need to provide the thread.

  • 2 spools of 120 weight, ideally Coats Tre Cherchi 40, we can try a Gutterman 120. The machine only uses a specific spool type, as on the keyhole machines sew-all spools do not fit on the threaders.

Helpful thread stockists: William Gee, London Trimmings, or locally MacCulloch & Wallis

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons

The above two images show the spools to use, not an indicator for the thread weight

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons
‘Sew-all’ spools DO NOT fit on the Keyhole machine

Bring your garments and/or fabric marked correctly. You need to mark a dot, with chalk or pencil, where the centre of each eyelet will be.


  • all eyelets = mark on the FACE SIDE (outside)

“consider the size of the eyelet rim when measuring out for marking”


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Small and stitched eyelets are priced per garment/ panel / pattern piece minimum charge, up to the quantity of 10 eyelets. More than 10 eyelets on the garment/ panel / pattern piece will be charged at a unit price per eyelet. Medium and large eyelets are priced per eyelet with a minimum charge per garment/ panel / pattern piece

  • small eyelets (sizes: 200,500,700) – minimum charge per unit = £3.00 / 10+ eyelets per unit = £0.30 per eyelet
  • edium eyelets (sizes 22,28) – £1 per eyelet. minimum charge per unit = £5
  • large eyelets (sizes 40mm/curtain) – £3 per eyelet. minimum charge per unit £10
  • stitched eyelets – minimum charge per unit = £4.00 / 10+ eyelets per unit = £0.40 per eyelet


We may apply eyelets if the fabric is unpredictable or if the marking is not accurate.

If your garments are not marked correctly we may send you away to re-mark

We reserve the right to refuse to clients who haven’t followed the preparation instructions