Button Moulds

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons

We now offer button moulds in a range of sizes and styles including:

  • dome tops
  • highball tops
  • plastic backs
  • metal backs

We sell button blanks in quantities of 1000, combining the tops and backs for your personal needs, on your existing button making equipment. You will need the relevant tools to complete the button making assembly, including the press and dye sets.

Do you need to check the comparability?

Send us a self addressed envelope with a large 1st class stamp including details of what you are looking for, and we will happily send samples for you to test on your equipment.

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons
DMButtons – Button Shapes

The finishes, brands and sizes vary depending on our current stock. 

Please enquire directly via phone or email for details regarding our current stock finishes and costs.


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Please be aware we sell button components in quantities of 1000 only.