Button Moulds


We offer button moulds combining the tops and backs for your personal needs, to use on your existing button making equipment. You will need the relevant tools to complete the button making assembly, including the press and die sets. We sell button mould blanks in quantities of 1000, as well as die-sets, in a range of sizes and styles including:

  • aluminium dome tops (also known as caps/shells/blanks) – silver finish*
  • aluminium highball tops (also known as caps/shells/blanks) – silver finish*
  • plastic backs (white & black)
  • hand-die sets (2 piece)**

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*other finishes may be available or custom made on request

**2 piece die set available for button covering hand lever press machines. Our die sets are the same model as Victory. Marvel machine compatible.

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Button Mould Components

Firstly, check the moulds are compatible with your equipment, we are happy to send samples to try. Once you know the button components work for you we will need to know the following information from you:

  • the size required for both caps and/or backs
  • the cap style – dome or highball
  • back colour – white or black
  • quantities – per 1000
  • email and postal address


The 2 piece die sets come in different weight options to use for different fabrics. It is a good idea to send us a swatch of your most used fabric beforehand so we know which die will be suitable. include details of which size and if you wand dome or highball.

Do you need to check the compatibility?

Send us a self-addressed envelope with a large 1st class stamp including details of what you are looking for, and we will happily send samples for you to test on your equipment.

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You can send us the details via email or fill in the online form below. From this, we can advise on stock levels and expected delivery time. Once your order is confirmed we will send an invoice for bank transfer payment.

Delivery will depend on stock availability. If prompt paymnet is made your order could be posted out within 48hours. If we have to have components made it could be up to a month for delivery.




Cost available on request. Fill out our form above, send an email or call directly for prices.


0207 437 8897


The finishes, brands and sizes vary depending on stock availability. 

Please be aware we sell button components in quantities of 1000 only.

Delivery will depend on stock availability. Posted out within 48hours up to a month for delivery.