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We manufacture buttons and buttonholes

Buttonhole styles
Buttonhole styles



Depending on our workload we can often make your buttonholes for you while you wait. We also offer a mail order service.

Buttonholes to go!

When ordering button holes, please note that for straight buttonholes their position should be marked on the face side of the garment. For keyhole buttonholes their position should be marked on reverse side of the garment.

If buttonholes are required for a specific size or type of button, please provide a sample to ensure that we make the correct size of buttonhole.

We make many sizes of button holes in different styles. Please see the price list page for all buttonhole prices

Thread and metal eyelet's are also available.

Covered buttons

We can provide fabric cover buttons in 4 different styles and 12 different standard sizes as shown in the chart below.

Note that due to varying computer screen sizes and resolutions this image is not drawn to scale. Button sizes and styles
Button sizes and styles
(Not drawn to scale)

Many thanks for the great service! I recieved the buttons within 4 days from the day i sent the fabric to you. Very impressive.

M Paul

Please note:


We specialise in producing covered buttons, eyelets and stitched eyelets for wedding dresses etc. and we supply many of the leading bridal fashion houses.

Covered cufflinks

We can provide covered cufflinks in your choice of fabric. Covered cufflinks are a stylish and exclusive low cost accessory. We offer all types of cufflinks which are supplied in presentation boxes.

Duck cufflinks
Duck cufflinks
Presentation box
Presentation box
Blue fishing Fly Cufflinks
Blue fishing fly cufflinks

Studs, Eyelets and Rivets

We can provide and apply a wide variety of studs, press-studs, eyelets and rivets. Tell us what you want, we surely can help.

Jean Buttons & Rivets
Jean Buttons & Rivets
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